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Theory Thursday

Cognitive Dissonance: Summary - This is a theory about communication. When a person holds two or more incompatible beliefs they run into psychological conflict known as cognitive dissonance. To return to a state of consonance, the new beliefs are adopted or the old beliefs are reinforced.


Cocktail Party Effect: Summary - The cocktail party effect explains a phenomenon that occurs when focusing on a single source of auditory stimuli among the multiple sources of noise. When focus is applied, everything outside the range of focus is effectively tuned out of the individual's perception. This does not mean that the brain stops processing the background stimuli. A word or phrase of importance to the individual will catch their attention and shift their focus. This effect highlights how information is filtered to our conscious or subconscious.


Depressive Realism Hypothesis: Summary - Depressive realism is a hypothesis developed by Lauren Alloy and Lyn Yvonne Abramson in 1979. Their theory suggests that depressed people have a more realistic view of the world compared to non-depressed individuals. The theory from these two psychologists sheds light on negative and positive cognitive biases and the effect on individual realities. The results remain controversial having evidence on both sides of the argument.


The Snowball Effect: Summary - The snowball effect explains a phenomenon of building momentum. At the initial start the significance or size is small, almost meaningless. As momentum builds the significance or size grows, meaning becomes stronger. This can be applied to many aspects. As the name of this phenomenon implies, picture a tiny snowball you can fit in your hand rolling down a snowy mountain side. The snowball will roll down the mountain side and exponentially grow to easily become the size of a boulder. 



Word of the Day

Furore (09/01/2018)

Provenance (09/02/2018)

Accost (09/03/2018)

Eccentric (09/04/2018)

Invigorate (09/05/2018)

Vacuous (09/06/2018)

Diaphanous (09/07/2018

Conflate (09/08/2018)

Desultory (09/09/2018)

Cogent (09/10/2018)

Quandary (09/11/2018)

Diatribe (09/12/2018)

Psyche (09/13/2018)

Impetus (09/14/2018)

Vicarious (09/15/2018)

Derision (09/16/2018)

Acquiesce (09/17/2018)

Sacrilege (09/18/2018)

Blithe (09/19/2018)

Propensity (09/20/2018)

Docile (09/21/2018)

Comeuppance (09/22/2018)

Entrance (09/23/2018)

Trepidation (09/24/2018)

Maltreat (09/25/2018)

Sleight (09/26/2018)

Adept (09/27/2018)

Gregarious (09/28/2018)

Inept (09/29/2019)

Sanguine (09/30/2019)