The Meaning of Our Logo:



We chose our logo for its symbolic meaning. It is a mix of a tree and a mushroom encircled. 

The Tree: This symbolizes growth. We want our roots to spread out far and reach as many people as we can. The further we can reach the stronger our foundations are to grow upon.

The Mushroom: This symbolizes connectivity and information. Mycelium is natures information system. The floor of the forest is covered in mycelium which connects to every living plant in the forest. This connection acts as the information system for the forest. The life of the forest is also dependent on this mycelium. Without it the forest fails to decompose and regenerate properly. From the mycelium, mushrooms grow. The mushroom is a symbol of the circle of life. The forest is dependent on the mushroom's mycelium to keep the cycle of life going. This is why we encircled our logo.

What We Can Do For You:

In this day and age we have acquired a vast wealth of knowledge throughout many fields of study. We were able to achieve such heights by specializing in each respective field to obtain more focused, precise information. The rate at which our intelligence increased in individualized fields was exponential. The enormous amounts of data collected from all respective fields should be compiled for greater insights. These efforts could garner immense leaps in knowledge.

It's time we connected the dots. Bring together what know and see what more we can learn. We want to provide you informational resources to be able to think for yourself. We encourage you to have an open mind. Learn to think from more then one perspective. Branch out and expand your reality.

What We Are Working on:

InnerDilation has just recently been launched. We are still in the process of getting everything together. The amount of content available will exponentially increase as the site gains traction. We apologize for any errors you might stumble across as we update and refine the site.

Our media section has a lot more in store for you. Music and video content will be added and shared in the future. We also have a few more blogs in the works that we would like to add. Our main content will be featured through our header links. The plethora of other content we also wish to provide for you will be updated on our site map.