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Theory Thursday

Synaesthesia: Summary - The word synaesthesia comes from the Greek words syn (together) and aisthēsis (sensation) which therefore means “joined sensation”. This condition affects the five senses. If one were to hear a sound they might also taste it. Numbers and letters of the alphabet when mentioned could have a colour associated with it. Any two senses can combine to create various results. Vary rarely people can have three or more senses blend. A form of synaesthesia may also be triggered by the use of psychedelic compounds.


Stoned Ape Hypothesis: Summary - The stoned ape hypothesis was proposed by an American ethnobotanist, Terence McKenna, in his book Food of the Gods. He suggest that the transformation from homo erectus to homo sapiens had something to do with the addition of psilocybe cubensis mushrooms to their diet. He proposes that the effects of this mushroom, which contains psilocybin, was an evolutionary advantage to our hunter-gatherer ancestors for many reasons. Due to lack of paleoanthropological evidence, Terence’s theory remains a hypothesis.


Halo Effect: Summary - The halo effect is easily described as an evaluation of unrelated things to make judgments. If an impression is created in one area, it influences the opinion in another area. A beautiful person is assumed to also be smart even though those two aspects aren’t related. This is a type of cognitive bias. Edward Thorndike, a psychologist, coined the term. The effect applies to objects and people.


Horn Effect: Summary - The horn effect is when a single negative trait of a person influences the overall perception of them. Since a person is unattractive, they must not be a very good person. This is an example of the horn effect. The person might be unattractive but this does not speak about the morality of their character. This cognitive bias is related to the halo effect.



Word of the Day

Gauche (10/01/2018)

Vicissitude (10/02/2018)

Decimate (10/03/2018)

Wayward (10/04/2018)

Privy (10/05/2018)

Cacophony (10/06/2018)

Incumbent (10/07/2018)

Exult (10/08/2018)

Indubitable (10/09/2019)

Nebulous (10/10/2018)

Embodiment (10/11/2018)

Augment (10/12/2018)

Garish (10/13/2018)

Deter (10/14/2018)

Altruistic (10/15/2018)

Solicitous (10/16/2018)

Cannabis (10/17/2018)

Vestigial (10/18/2018)

Zephyr (10/19/2018)

Opulent (10/20/2018)

Confluence (10/21/2018)

Peevish (10/22/2018)

Bucolic (10/23/2018)

Hoodwink (10/24/2018)

Surfeit (10/25/2018)

Vanquish (10/26/2018)

Cogitate (10/27/2018)

Nepotism (10/28/2018)

Affectation (10/29/2018)

Pensive (10/30/2018)

Adulterate (10/31/2018)