The Law of Attraction

     William Walker Atkinson wrote Thought Vibration or the Law of Attraction in the Thought World in 1906. His publication supported his idea for a law of attraction. What we think manifests in our reality. Thoughts attract like things according to Atkinson. Evidence is lacking to support his claims, but it hasn't stopped people from believing in the power of his law.

     There are many reasons why the law of attraction may work. For one it may help people to shift their perspective on outcomes. A negative experience may turn out to be positive for someone who thinks in a positive manner. Their view of the negative experience may be skewed by their own beliefs. As humans we also learn from our past experiences and these will change the way we react to new experiences. The more experiences have gone wrong the easier it is for someone to default to a more negative way of thought towards new experiences. The power of a thought may shift our preconceptions of reality.  This law gives people a chance to change their perception for themselves.

     When focus is applied to change your perception, anything outside of the range of focus is now obsolete. By focusing on positive aspects, they begin to become clearer. Anything outside your range of focus, like negative aspects, become obsolete. The same level of focus that can be used to help you see the positive may also be used against you to see only the negative. Most of the time people are stuck focusing on the negative and may block out the positive without realizing.  It is easy to continue down negatively charged paths without realizing how one may be distorting their reality with unnecessary negativity.  The law of attraction is a good way to get people to shift their focus for their own benefit.

      Since we play a role in how we view our reality, the law of attraction can be used to help manifest positive aspects through actively changing perceptions. It may create an understanding that most of what we experience in positive or negative manners are a result of how we choose to interpret the situation. Adopting this way of thought may be beneficial for anyone. When the law is applied people are beginning to use the power of their thoughts to help change their internal world. Many people are stuck focusing on the negative with no idea that there is a positive that also exists. The law of attraction may help people to become mindful of this duality of thought and use it to their advantage.

     Even if the law of attraction is only a trick of the mind, it works when people apply its philosophy. Despite a lack of scientific evidence on the subject the idea still thrives over a hundred years after its initial publication in the modern world. However, the idea itself is not new. Many ancient cultures and religions have talked about the same phenomenon. Ancient Egypt, ancient Greece, and the Vedic tradition of ancient India all mention in their own words about the law of attraction. The bible from Christianity even tries to teach people the power of this law through the action of prayer. "Ask, believe and you shall receive" is their essential motto for prayer to properly work. For thousands of years people have learned to use this law for their own benefit. Why stop now?

Author: Jordan Bonneau

This quote from the bible, book of Mark, talks about prayer in a way that follows the same philosophy as the law of attraction.

Therefore I say unto you, What things soever ye desire, when ye pray, believe that ye receive them, and ye shall have them.
— Mark 11:24 King James Version (KJV)

Here is William Walker Atkinson's publication on the Law of Attraction from 1906:

Atkinson, W. W. (1906). Thought vibration or the law of attraction in the thought world

W. W. Atkinson    Source:   WikiCommons

W. W. Atkinson

Source: WikiCommons